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Independent Lifestyle Financial Planning Advice

Financial advice from our offices on the East & West Coasts of the USA.

GWM USA’s team of experienced lifestyle financial planning professionals provide independent and personalized financial advice to international professionals and global investors across the USA. We understand the local hurdles that expats need to overcome and have first-hand knowledge of how to use your international status to devise a path to guide you towards your investment goals.

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Lifestyle Financial Planning

Our focus is on what is best for the client. Lifestyle Financial Planning is like a jigsaw puzzle,  if you only look at individual pieces you don’t see the full picture. So it is important when reviewing certain parts of financial planning, such as UK pensions, that they are looked at as part of the whole for your global financial/retirement plan.

For GWM this sometimes means working alongside you and your existing advisor, but with an agreed strategy, or in many cases working together with one main advisor here at GWM USA to streamline and manage all the pillars of lifestyle financial planning, in one place.

UK Pension Transfer

Transferring your UK pension isn’t a new choice, but it is an option that is often not discussed between client and adviser. However, with transfer values continuing to increase, many international workers with a UK pension are now considering this option in the search for greater investment freedom.

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401K Rollover

401K’s are a vital part of any successful retirement plan. Put simply; a 401K is a qualified retirement plan, sponsored by an employer that allows you to put aside a percentage of your monthly income on a tax deferred basis.

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Life Assurance

As an international worker, the risks you face are markedly different. Emergency medical treatment doesn’t tend to come cheap and with little or no family support network around you, the importance of having relevant cover can’t be underestimated.

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UK Inheritance Tax Planning

When you have worked hard all your life to create personal wealth or build assets, it's important to know that this will be appropriately distributed after you have gone. UK Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning allows your family and loved ones to benefit from your hard work by structuring your financial affairs in the most efficient manner.

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Financial Planning is a cyclical process and so we need to ensure that we keep your plan under review, partly to test and adjust assumptions made, as economic and personal factors will change. Financial plans evolve and develop over time through an ongoing relationship between us both, and in order to help ensure the plan is robust, it must be frequently reviewed and monitored.

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