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UK Pension Transfers

By maximising your international employment status and consolidating your UK pensions into one investment vehicle, you can create a plan which allows you to draw income through retirement to suit your needs, potentially improve your tax efficiency and pass more on to your loved ones.

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401K Rollover

Put simply; a 401(k) is a qualified retirement plan, sponsored by an employer that allows you to put aside a percentage of your monthly income on a tax deferred basis. When you stop working for that company the 401K is in many cases left dormant and not actively managed, which could disrupt your future retirement plans .

Such plans are often left behind when moving to a new company. If you choose to let your 401(k) remain dormant, you will no longer be able to add to this and naturally your previous employer’s contributions will cease too.

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Life Assurance

Embarking on a new career and life abroad in some of the most amazing places is undoubtedly a great opportunity and adventure for you and your family to reap extensive financial reward.

As an international worker, the risks you face are markedly different. Emergency medical treatment doesn’t tend to come cheap and with little or no family support network around you, the importance of having relevant cover can’t be underestimated.

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